Justin Horvath


Agent / Realtor

It all started with a dream when we packed up all our family belongings into an RV and hit the road in search of the ideal area to begin laying down roots for our new budding family.  After multiple trips up and down the western United States with two cats, a dog, newborn baby and my lovely wife we choose our very own paradise right here in Leavenworth.  Despite being one of the first areas we visited during our yearlong adventure, the Leavenworth community continued to be the benchmark in which we compared other locations to during our own search for our dream home.   It gave us an endless lineup of outdoor activities, a vibrant downtown setting with plenty of delicious restaurants to enjoy, and most importantly a community of kind, good hearted, and openminded folks to call neighbors.

Prior to my life as a road nomad I was able to hone a skill set of sales/marketing tools through ten plus years of corporate sales office management for startup companies out of major metropolitan cities such as Seattle, San Francisco and Denver.  It’s with these skills, unwavering ethics and a powerful passion to help others achieve their own personal dreams that I look forward to the opportunity in helping you reach your very own real estate goals.  

Come share your very own goals and dreams, I’d love to hear them and help you see them come true.


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